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What do WeCome give me that others don't?
  • WeCome gives you a free package, while others charge for any number of records.
  • WeCome has an advanced app that allows you to add your invitees from your phone contacts, in addition to our web interface. In addition to every guest who confirms arrival, you will receive a phone alert.
  • At WeCome you can schedule the rounds of sending the messages when you feel comfortable without our intervention. Everything works automatically
  • WeCome has an automated call service that, even if an invitee does not respond to messages, will receive a phone call, which will ring whether it intends to arrive or not, on your recorded invitation.
When is it recommended to start with RSVP?

We recommend starting two weeks before the event

How do I join the service?

You can join the service, all by yourself. Free sign up for the iPhone or Internet app at the following link.

You do not have to wait for a representative to open an event for you